About Time!

Now that I’ve finally gotten around to installing Dreamweaver and finding an FTP program (I downloaded Fetch. Mac users, any better suggestions before I purchase the full version?) for my MacBook, there have actually been some updates around here. Namely,


Ashley and I went and saw Stardust tonight; a well timed few days after the hardcore fans and the giggling girls had flocked to it over the weekend. It’s one of my favorite books, and as much as I love integrity, I also understanding needing to change certain elements to […]

This is My Title

If I had anything worthwhile to say, I promise that I would say it. Lately its been lots of working the same old thing and wondering when school will ever start, and if I’ll actually enjoy school when it gets here (rather than feeling old and out of place). Tomorrow […]

Too Far!

Two teenage girls came to see the show at Medieval Times tonight– one dressed as Tidus from Final Fantasy X and one as Squall from Final Fantasy XIII. Not only am I sad to have recognized this, but also that Otakon has spread so far as to infest the greater […]

sad :(

1. Rejection of my paper from a literary criticism magazine even though the editor told me my paper was absolutely amazing and that they wanted to use it if I could help them format the photos and I agreed to. 2. Professor didn’t write recommendation letter for me until I […]

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