Site Planning video editing for MitX

For what seems like a year now, I’ve been in casual talks with MITx about helping them out with video editing whenever there’s an overflow or looming deadline crunch. Patience is a virtue, so they tell me, and earlier this year we began working together! I’ve edited some mind-boggling content about chemical engineering, created a snazzy PPT template, and the videos I most enjoyed editing are surprisingly online already!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of my favorite aspects of working in content creation and editing is learning about new fields. Prior to this edit, I had never heard the term “site planning” or ever really thought about what work goes into conceptualizing and developing the spaces we inhabit.

While the video editing work was simple–editing teleprompter talking head footage to PowerPoint slides– I learned an incredible amount about the work that professionals put into developing public spaces in different areas. There were examples from Austin, Boston, Florida, and more, and I loved being able to connect my memories of walking around those places with the time and effort that was put into crafting them.

Almost as soon as I handed in the final video, the course went live! As is usual when I work on educational course material, I was NOT involved in the preview video on the website’s main page.

MITx Site Planning website

For anyone who chooses to enroll in the awesome free course Site Planning Online, I edited the videos in lessons:

  • 2.6. Integrating Site Knowledge
  • 3.2 Users, stakeholders, and the public
  • 5.1 Principles of Placemaking Site Planning
  • 8.2 Urban Public Spaces

I hope you enjoy the content as much as I did!