3 thoughts on “Return from Vacation

  1. Crazy! Those red rocks look like the ones near Las Vegas… but as far as I know there aren’t any beaches there. 0:

    Lovely photos, might I add!

  2. I’m feeling good! So much in fact I’m actually making a layout for Heart-strutter. (It hasn’t had one by me since February) And, I was wondering, want me to help you make a WordPress layout? ^_^; It’s pretty easy… if you follow my steps. Wanna set up a thread on the lit club? Or talk on AIM? Gimme a shout! I sweaaar, it will be easy peasy. I swear.

  3. Great pictures, Heather! Looks like you had a fabulous time. I wish I had the moola to go on a vacation !!

    Anyway, I was wondering about something. I need to write a paper for my Jazz music class. Would you say that Bebop jazz music and the Beat generation have a lot of correlation? Just wanted an opinion from a fellow music/English major!

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