Nürnberg, Germany Photographs

When Keyforge was released in 2018, my husband as there for it. We bought packs the first day and, despite not being able to find a store in our area offering organized play, Matthew dived head first into the game. So I wasn’t at all surprised when he started dropping mention of attending Keyforge’s Vault Tour this summer, even when he went so far as to say “well, I signed up for the Vault Tour in Germany, and if we can’t go it’s not a lot of money wasted…”

And the trip to Nürnberg, Germany for their Vault Tour was planned. One of the best parts about my job working remotely is that when I travel, my work comes with me. While Matthew played his Keyforge games, I explored old-town Nürnberg and jumped onto our hotel WiFi for my EST core work hours.

On the train from Munich to Nürnberg, the views reminded me of middle America. Also, I love traveling by train.
Our first meal in Nürnberg was obviously their speciality sausages, and the spectacular restaurant Behringer’s Bratwursthäusle was miraculously next door to our hotel. While I ended up not liking “German potato salad,” I definitely like sauerkraut more than I did before.
Old Town at night.
I bought a City Card which allowed me to get into every single museum for free! Since the Neues Museum was directly behind our hotel, I visited it first. Modern art isn’t always my thing, though.
Henkersteg (Hangman’s Bridge)
I climbed up the cobblestone paths to get to the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg
every single day. When I finally made the time to go the Castle Museum, those views were even better!
I will never apologize for my obsession with photographing the juxtaposition of old and new. This is another view from inside the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg.
Stained glass and overgrowth from inside the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg.
I ended up with a private tour from Agnes Dürer at the Albrecht Dürer House, and thus was too busy being thoroughly engrossed in the experience to take any photos. The lobby, however, was… Dürer-ception.

We did a few tours (and I visited many more museums) that aren’t pictured here, though I intentionally steered clear of Nuremberg’s Nazi history. Matthew came in at the top 30 of his Keyforge Vault Tournament event, we both met our pretzel quota for the year, and I loved every single old brick building I came across. I think I saw enough of the town that I don’t need to visit again, but the experience has me excited to see more of Germany, and of Bavaria in particular.