October WHAT

Finally, I installed Akismet and my life is so much cleaner now. I don’t get as many e-mails, but the lack of spam here is beyond delightful. Why didn’t anyone recommend this to me before?

Let me try and expand on my last entry, which was entirely too long ago. Working 2.5 jobs (Picture People, Medieval Times, violin teacher) on top of taking 12 credits (Photoshop, Photography, Color, Journalism) is a tad bit beyond hectic, mainly because I spend so much time in my car trying to get from place to place. Nothing I do is stressful persey, and for the most part I’m paid to sit around do what I love. Things will theoretically calm down next semester, when I’m down to 1.5 jobs and living a tad closer to work & school.

Sarah and I are (one again, theoretically) moving into a house by the end of the month. The place just needs a good coat of paint and internet access before becoming perfectly cosy. We have lofty decorating plans including making our own curtains, stripping the carpet, and refinishing the basement, but what else are boyfriends (in addition to being handy ourselves) for? Please believe there will be bountiful before/after photos of our work once we get to it.

As for updates around the domain(s) here, I know that they’ve been few and far between. What with the working, the schooling, and the trying to (and for the most part succeeding in) maintain a social life, this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down with the internet outside of Photoshop class. All is neither lost nor forgotten. There will be more.

2 thoughts on “October WHAT

  1. I have Akismet, but for the longest I still had spam that needed cleaning out. It’s all gone now thanks to Spam Poison (http://english-107923081670.spampoison.com/). Haha, wow that sounded all commercial-y and advertisement-like. Anyway, I don’t know how it works, but believe me, it does work. Also, I use a captcha… (http://www.protectwebform.com/plugin_wordpress) so that you gotta be able to read (or be human) to leave a comment. ^_^

    And yes… I’ve been really busy, too, but I’m trying to blog again, even if I don’t have much to say. I end up with really long posts. lmao. (:

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