This is My Title

If I had anything worthwhile to say, I promise that I would say it. Lately its been lots of working the same old thing and wondering when school will ever start, and if I’ll actually enjoy school when it gets here (rather than feeling old and out of place).

Tomorrow I actually have the night off and plan on doing nothing short of some reading, some laundry, and some scattered cleaning. See? Nothing exciting to speak of.

Sunday Matt and I are hitting up the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival and Monday I have a promising interview with Picture People. So hopefully, somewhere around Tuesday, there will be stories worthy of the time it takes to type them.

1 thought on “This is My Title

  1. Wait… School? What?

    I thought you were done with that business…

    Good luck with Picture People, and STOP BLOGGING MORE THAN ME. Its role reversal and I don’t like it….



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