sad :(

1. Rejection of my paper from a literary criticism magazine even though the editor told me my paper was absolutely amazing and that they wanted to use it if I could help them format the photos and I agreed to.

2. Professor didn’t write recommendation letter for me until I bothered him on Monday 10 days before deadline. Either that or both of the letters were lost in the mail.

3. Another professor actually made me cry in class for not being able to do things that the rest of the class couldn’t do either. Twice this happened in one 50-minute period.

4. Rejection letter from SCAD’s graduate program, despite absence of aforementioned third recommendation letter.

5. Definitely not getting enough sleep.

2 thoughts on “sad :(

  1. *hugs* I’m sorry to hear that. I recommend you to eat delicious chocolates or something ^_^ But seriously… that sucks!

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