About Time!

Now that I’ve finally gotten around to installing Dreamweaver and finding an FTP program (I downloaded Fetch. Mac users, any better suggestions before I purchase the full version?) for my MacBook, there have actually been some updates around here. Namely, H and 2AM Inspiration, and I swear cooler things will be coming soon, once I finally finish backing up my 30GB of photographs by uploading them…

Also, allow me to plug my newest hostee, Alli. Thank you and goodnight.

8 thoughts on “About Time!

  1. FETCH! Oh my god, love that program! But I am even more partial to Cyberduck myself… Just cleaner IMHO.

    Get on the ball with the updates girl! 😉 I have been falling behind too…

    Where are you uping 30gigs of photos? to… *gasp* here?!

    Drop by, the only visitors I get now-a-days are people looking for that god forsaken Get a Mac song! It’s sad…


  2. *sigh* Why the heck is everyone and their mother converting to Apple products? They’re overpriced and most definitely over-rated. UGH… and I myself have to get one in October (when the new OS comes out for Macs)… just because I have to learn to use them. *sigh x20*

  3. Wait wait. I wasn’t done rambling. I never knew you had a personal site… I should finish mine…

    I love the photo used in the 2AM layout. :]

    And… DREAMWEAVER?! :

  4. PLEASE! My Mac has been better to me than any Windows machine ever has, plus it comes with better programs out of the box, crashes less (not even once for most people I know who own them) and is generally MUCH better for audio/video work.

    Dreamweaver came with Adobe CS3 so I figure… might as well use it. It’s pretty handy but I miss notepad.

  5. My Mac *was* better to me than any Windows box I’d had… Then it wasn’t… The firewire port stopped working, then it wouldn’t go into sleep mode and decided it would walk instead of run.

    Now, I’m not complaining, as it is still worlds better than my desktop, but it got sassy… I tried giving it a time-out once, but I couldn’t go for more than a day without it’s beautiful, sleek, silver body in my lap, feeding me a world free from viruses, cryptic driver installs, and constant reboots. Plus, who can deny such a cute face…….

    Ok, done personifying my lappie… I have used Dreamweaver my whole life. But don’t take that as a weakness… If you use it in Code View, the world is a happy place. See, remember all the fuss about browsers that correctly displayed websites? Well Dreamweaver isn’t any better in WYSIWYG mode, so avoid it, and use it for its color-coded syntax assistance, and auto-completion of, stuff…

    We used Homesite at SU when I worked there. Which was good, cuz you were never tempted with that preview non-sense… Bah…

  6. I use Notepad++ but I don’t think that’s an option for either of you. I’ll be sure to report my findings back to you when I get mine in October.

    For now… Linux FTW!

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