Top Tips for Successful Grieving

In our social media-heavy society, we see a highly curated view of the world that’s all joy and excitement. so when we encounter heartbreaking situations, it can be difficult to process our emotions. This difficulty is exacerbated by the fact that everyone grieves differently. The tongue-in-cheek “Top Tips” I outline […]

A Week Late

As is tradition, I give you: I am thankful for the ability to say “no” to fear, however difficult that becomes. I am thankful for the opportunity and wealth to go through graduate school. I am thankful for the boyfriend who has become an amazingly (positively) integral part of my […]

Edit Everything

Hang out while we’re under revision for ViCo 514, Publication Design. 🙂 Gotta match my resume package, y’know. How do I get rid of these damned smiley faces, and the box for tags? I’ve never once used tags. Changed the fonts and colors… header… can’t get rid of the damned […]

Traditionally Speaking

Year-in-review (stolen from last year’s post; many answers remain the same). 1. What did you do in 2009 that you’d never done before? — took a spontaneous vacation, drank beyond drunk, met a boy from the internet, packed up my parents’ house, spontaneous glorious BBQs, stood in a friend’s wedding, […]


Work and school are still in full force, but Drake and I are over. The weather sure is lovely, though. Funny how a beautiful day makes you appreciate the small things. Like never regretting a dramatic green wall. Or that flowers are even better through a macro filter. Or a […]

Portfolio Article Helpful

The article Creating a Successful Online Portfolio was assigned to my Practicum class for us to respond and design our portfolios accordingly. This must be the fourth time I’ve gone over the article; and I tweak my portfolio after each reading. I’m not really a fancy person, nor am I […]

For Sheri

Year-in-review (stolen from last year’s post; many answers remain the same). 1. What did you do in 2007 that you’d never done before? — Earned a BA, moved into a house with friends, painted (walls and canvases), photographed weddings, traveled to San Fransisco, met my nieces, got a pedicure. 2. […]

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