This is kind of a tradition of mine. Meaning that I’ve done it three times in the last six years…

I am thankful for my ears, without which my life would have little purpose
I am thankful for this pair of red plaid pants I’ve had for six years now
I am thankful for both of my parents, who who are giving me pretty much everything when I move out
I am thankful for my health, or at least my health insurance
I am thankful for Matt, who constantly but gently reminds me what it is to be myself
I am thankful for those from SU who still consider me a friend, or at least worthwhile
I am thankful for professors who instill a love for their subject matter into students (because they don’t really exist at AACC)
I am thankful for the house I’ll be moving into soon, and the friends who want to share their space with me
I am thankful for those who believe in me and push me that extra bit more (they don’t really exist at AACC either)
I am thankful for an economy that allows me to hold three jobs
I am thankful for the small shred of sanity that allows me to hold three jobs on top of a 12-credit course load
I am thankful for Apollo, who is on my lap right now (plz see “Contrast Control” in the prvs post)
I am thankful for my sarcasm and wit, and for those who share and understand them
I am thankful for libraries and other public centers for learning, like you wouldn’t even believe
I am thankful for the ability to see life both through the eyes of a human and the lens of a camera
I am thankful for The Nikon Corporation, and am pretty sure they’re thankful for me too
I am thankful for modern creative minds such as John Adams, Neil Gaiman, and Annie Leibovitz
Lastly I am thankful, immeasurably, for the many homes and arms I have been welcomed into throughout my life

3 thoughts on “Thanks-Giving

  1. You forgot Ansel Adams in those creative minds… Well, I would have thanked him at least. And Nikon, pish posh, I hate you.

    It’s funny. Yes, your worth the while (more ‘while’ than you receive whilst I’m simply writing a comment), but to you see the irony here? I don’t talk to my ex-girlfriend of two years, any of the other “close” ladies I may have had, any of the guys from the CompCons (including Corey), any of the PEOPLE from the CompCons, Laura, or even Kelyn! Well… the last one’s a no brainer (the person too).

    But you… You know, we should have hung out more…

    That hindsight thing…

    Anyway, seems you thankful for quite a bit. And still cynical (“Thankful” that you are allowed to hold three jobs… you KNOW you want a fourth…).

    Three jobs… School… New house… You should come hang out in Maine some… uh… time.

    Yeah, didn’t think so either. 🙂


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