Portfolio Article Helpful

The article Creating a Successful Online Portfolio was assigned to my Practicum class for us to respond and design our portfolios accordingly. This must be the fourth time I’ve gone over the article; and I tweak my portfolio after each reading.

I’m not really a fancy person, nor am I a graphic designer, so a lot of the examples in the article didn’t particularly apply to my portfolio. The article was super-helpful nonetheless, if for no other reason than I remembered to update my portfolio each time I thought of this assignment. For now, my portfolio is clean, easy to navigate, presents a smallish selection of my work quite efficiently, and I know exactly how I want my portfolio to be used. What I need to work on is making it more unique (since right now its a standard Gallery installation) and having better access to contact information.

I’ll get there. Maybe when I’m not working two jobs and going to school full time. Which will probably be never. The cycle perpetuates itself.