Back to (Grad) School

When I first began video editing, I felt that story craft was a linear process from production and through to editing. I believed that my footage was like a slab of marble and that my purpose as an editor was to sculpt it down into the form that it was […]

#tbt Madison, WI

#‎tbt‬ February 2012, on patrol with the Challengers in Madison, WI. I was contacted by Scandinavian Traveler magazine about using this photo in their Sept issue with a story by Tea Krulos. Working with Real Life Superheroes is one of my favorite memories and I was more than happy to […]

Soul of Athens

When I first began looking at graduate programs in 2008-ish, Ohio University was on my radar for it’s connection with BOP and Soul of Athens. Each year I loved the Soul of Athens production more. When 2010’s came out, after I had sent my acceptance, I knew that I made […]


So I’ve not been very alive recently. Next week, week 9, marks the final deadline for Soul of Athens and my master’s project defense. Week 11 holds my Information Architecture/User Experience final and graduation. After that: the real world. Since I can’t show you anything from Soul or my project […]

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