Soul of Athens

When I first began looking at graduate programs in 2008-ish, Ohio University was on my radar for it’s connection with BOP and Soul of Athens. Each year I loved the Soul of Athens production more. When 2010’s came out, after I had sent my acceptance, I knew that I made the right choice. Last year I abstained from Soul, choosing instead to focus my time on gaining the skills that would allow me to be a good producer this year.

I dutifully finished all my coursework, studied as much multimedia and interactivity as I could, and divvied up my time so that essentially all of it would be spent on Soul of Athens. After forming the original theme of “What’s at Stake?” as a brain trust, Priscilla and I chose to co-produce on the Liberties team. We lived, breathed, and dreamed Soul of Athens. After countless meetings and rampant frustration the website launched last Friday.

We give you Soul of Athens. (Liberties is here, but I suggest the full experience.) I only hope that the final product inspires you as much as it did me.