OUET, 10/8/10

After it was strongly suggested by multiple faculty that I revisit the equestrian team in order to make some decent photographs… I did. My specific aim was a reshoot of the sports feature assignment. So instead of the last image in the horse post below, I’ll submit one of these […]


Still have two more events to shoot for this assignment, but I’m happy with things so far. I borrowed a D700 and D3X for the weekend so of course my shots are more awesome than normal. I also tend to fall in love with any sort of horse anything I […]


Anyone in the Baltimore area should stop by Mr Yogato, not only because their frozen yogurt is awesome and they let you play games (both Nintendo and board), but because they’ve let me put my art up for the month of July. Groovy. Soon to have more accomplishments, such as […]

oh hai

Things that you may have missed: I’m working full-time in sales, will attend Ohio University for an MA in Photojournalism in the fall, went to a bunch of shows, had a birthday, got an A in Elementary Japanese, booked some flights to/around Japan, did some stuff, etc etc. If you’re […]

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