Portfolio Article Helpful

The article Creating a Successful Online Portfolio was assigned to my Practicum class for us to respond and design our portfolios accordingly. This must be the fourth time I’ve gone over the article; and I tweak my portfolio after each reading. I’m not really a fancy person, nor am I […]

Intern: Take 12

Three weeks left. Holy crap. Finally, I did a good enough job to make a slide show. The second picture made it into the paper, pretty big, too, but not in color. Anyway, if you want to see some pirates having tea and dancing, go ahead and click here. For […]


Since I feel the need to prove that I’m actually doing something somewhat creative and productive with my life, here are a couple more photos. Clearly I’m doing a little more with the juxtaposition of toys and reality, this time employing the boyfriend as an assistant because there are some […]

Interning, Days 10 & 11

Last week I photographed a “Halloween Happening” on the day after Halloween, so that didn’t run. I did have a bit of fun running around in the dark trying to properly focus my photos and legibly write peoples names. The haunted barn only became scary the third time I went […]