Interning, Days 10 & 11

Last week I photographed a “Halloween Happening” on the day after Halloween, so that didn’t run. I did have a bit of fun running around in the dark trying to properly focus my photos and legibly write peoples names. The haunted barn only became scary the third time I went through, when the actors starting messing with me… All in good fun.

On Sunday I went with a staff photographer Josh to attack a church service celebrating Armistice Day and a fashion show for Transitional Sizes, a clothing rental service. Of course I turned in three photos and Josh turned in one, and his ran instead of mine. I would have chosen his too… I’ve yet to properly expose and compose a shot that also captures the spirit of the assignment sheet. Some of the shots I turned in are here.

Practice makes perfect. I have approximately 30 hours of interning left, and I’ve asked to take extra assignment that might otherwise not be covered in hopes to be able to go out on my own and have my work published. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve also asked to stay on as a freelancer after my internship is finished, and I would be shocked if the answer were No.