Life, which happens to include interning

This time of year always makes me pensive. I never look at summer and think “this is nice, but what happened last summer?” whereas winter constantly has me thinking of winters past. Cold weather reminds me of Susquehanna, and of working shows, of starting friendships with those who are no longer friends. This winter I promise to make things different. To keep the friends I make regardless of who leaves me for what, to work towards my dreams, to hope of spring.

With that being said, my internship is almost over. I’m having a blast, learning on the fly, learning from mistakes, meeting people who care about this or that, shooting shooting, editing and shooting.  I cheated, I know… I’ve wanted to work for The Capital so it wasn’t too hard getting my dream internship. The trick is sticking my face around so much that eventually I get a job (before I get fed up and go to grad school, which I know will not help me any more than my BA did).

Last night I (&boyfriend) went to Josh‘s photo reception at The Parkside in B’more. Its funny how excited we get over a couple of nicely-printed photos going up in a restaurant. But the point is that they were nicely-printed photos of interesting subjects, in a coherent series, up in a cute new restraunt filled with cool people.

And I wonder, maybe that’s all that art is about; just making a few people happy, making them go “huh,” and look again. I don’t need to change the world, I only want to make more people appreciate art than would have otherwise.

Regardless of my life’s purpose, Colleen and I were able to bang out an incredible photo story of a seafood festival in record time this afternoon. I’ve finally learned the secret formula of photographing kids, pets, the elderly, interracial couples as much as possible. This assignments had no pets, but I think we’ll be OK.

The magnificent story told by Colleen and I can be viewed in a slide show here.

Almost everything I’ve shot so far as been some sort of a: tea party, street festival, or fish fry. I really feel that when outsiders think of Annapolis, they absolutely need to think “crab feast,” or “fish fry” or “seafood extravaganza.” Because that’s what embodies Annapolis: people who catch, cook, eat, and photograph seafood.

On our way back from the seafood festival, we stopped at a beautifully abandoned building. Some days I just love life more than others.

All that being said, anyone wishing to purchase a sword or suit of armor: please visit me on Black Friday. Our mall is open for 22 hours straight. KThnx.