<3 Annapolis

Sarah and I ventured downtown after I got home from work, only to find Paint Annapolis almost over, and both of us busy during their exhibition tomorrow. As an alternative, I followed her around. We sat and admired the ducks (and boats) together. And I did some wandering of my […]

Internship: Day Two

Although less thrilling than last Sunday, today was still a blast. This time I followed Colleen (gasp, a girl!) to a local art gallery and the county fair. The painters we met plugged Paint Annapolis, which Sarah and I were planning on attending anyway. They do painting competitions and just […]

Classes Ensue

Digital Photography went from a shooting course with one of my favorite professors to electronic media with a brand new professor. Our first assignment is to shoot 100 photos and from them make a composite that represents our vision of the future. Sigh. But here are some of my favorites.


Me, to Bob: “I’ll drop by tomorrow at 3. I just need you to read over my goal sheet (they’re really simple goals, I promise) and sign that we can achieve them. The other is a packet saying basically I will actually be doing work and not picking up your dry cleaning that just needs one signature. Also, Brian asked me to set up a shrine for him somewhere near his old desk. I said that probably wasn’t going to happen.” Bob, to me: “OK, great. Say, on your way in, would you mind stopping by Admiral Cleaners on Taylor Ave and…….. (Just a joke, I swear). –BobG.” Also, I love four-hour computer classes that are basically self-study. Not really, but I do appreciate the internet. Hopefully this will give me enough time throughout the semester to set up a real professional site, […]

Who Knew?

As a public service announcement… Matt left me last week. He literaly walked out, saying he wanted to be single. He’s happier being alone than with me, whom he still claims to love. I’m a little confused. In the words of my old violin professor: “Well, you can get over […]

Internship: Day 0

I went in to The Capital yesterday to meet the guys (and apparently, one girl!) in the photography department. Everything was so laid back I wonder how they get work done. Not really, but the environment is pretty chill for a newsroom. I love local papers. Technically I’ll be interning […]