Internship: Day One

Sunday began my internship at The Capital. I leeched off of the staff photojournalist normally assigned for the day, Josh, and we attacked a Catholic mass & picnic, old lady tea & concert, and a fish fry. Really I should have posted this yesterday for the full effect of my giddiness, but suffice to say being out in the field, and in the (near-deserted) news room was pretty much what I’ve been waiting to do my entire life.

Basically, I was worried that nothing would work out, because every profession I’ve ever wanted I have also HATED after trying it, or really really not fit in with the people working there. So after serious problems at work and home in the past few weeks I was worried that if this didn’t work out I was pretty much going to have to hide in a hole for the rest of my life… But, no! I loved it, my mistakes weren’t terrible, and one of my photos made it on the front page of today’s paper. There’s really no better way to put it: I needed this. I was so excited it was all I could do to keep the goofy smile off of my face.

I still need work with the whole speaking to strangers, asking them to spell their names, and then photographing them aspect of the job… But the travelling, shooting, editing, captioning and everything else-ing is AMAZING. When I saw one of my shots (one that I hated but Josh made me throw in) front and center on the website… I can’t remember the last time I was that happy. I didn’t win a Pulitzer or capture a highly memorable moment, but for my first eight hours, I’m impressed.

Some of the other photos I put in are here. You can BUY them. Crazy talk.

I called my mother to find out if she had seen the photo in the paper, and she did, but didn’t really notice it. I called Matt to remind him of how awesome I am, and he didn’t really notice. I asked him to call me back and he asked: “Like… tonight, or some other time?”

But I have this internship. One Sunday at a time.

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