Day Four and More

Holy crap life moves fast. Suddenly I’m working (basically) 9-5 seven days a week. Six weeks ago I had a job that made me physically ill, a boyfriend who bothered me for reasons I couldn’t pin-point, and began thinking that I would never break into the world of journalism. Now I have an fairly good if not incredibly easy job (although to save energy we now work in the dark–no lie), a new man I’m absolutely crazy about, and the internship of my dreams. Life sure is funny.

Sunday Colleen and I photographed not one but two arts festivals, an assignment they never should have given to girls because we spent more of our time wandering for our own amusement than for the paper’s sake. We met new people, saw new things, and heard great music. I shot with my own D70 again, and I really could have gone for the D3 due to the rainy and indoor situations we got ourselves into, but I’m a good shot regardless of technical help…

The Annapolis Fall Festival was pretty awesome, with people gathering together in the streets for music, food, beer, and oodles of handmade crafts.  I’m not sure if anything was actually published (as I’m too poor to subscribe to the paper) but some are available online here.

Other than that, I’ve homework to complete, dishes to wash, and a recenty-neutered cat to take care of.