Internship: Day Two

Although less thrilling than last Sunday, today was still a blast. This time I followed Colleen (gasp, a girl!) to a local art gallery and the county fair.

The painters we met plugged Paint Annapolis, which Sarah and I were planning on attending anyway. They do painting competitions and just plain people getting together to paint, all to raise money and have a great time. All of the art we saw was amazing and the people were cool. Unfortunately the gallery was too small for both Colleen and I to shoot… so I was able to slack off and watch. We’ll call it a learning experience.

The County Fair was ridiculously, ridiculously hot/humid/miserable so basically we wandered far enough for a pig race and left back for the office in the THREE hours we had until the next event. I’d like to think that I have epic shots of the pig races, but who are we kidding? The important part about today was Colleen physically pushing me into people in order to make me talk to them and take tight shots. It worked.

So after this, I’ll be shooting on my own. Deep breath.

In conclusion, I’m not certain what the best part of today was… finding a press pass waiting for me in the photo office, finding a D2H ready for me to use (which I declined… WHY?), finding my name actually written in the assignment book, or breezing past Frank the security guard the second week in a row. You know, outside of shooting.

Photos chosen by the paper are here. I’m a little stunned they ran TWO photos of the pig race, but who am I to question authority.

Also, here is a pig that did not race. Adorable.