After spending the week with RTC in Joshua Tree in March, they’ve kept me pretty busy. I’ve done quite a bit of editing for their Love Cancer Movement, none of

After 11 days of shooting spread out through last June – October, and nearly nine months of editing this school year, need I preface any further? Modern Old-Time Fiddling: A

Scenes from the second day of the Henry Reed Convention. Here’s something a little closer to fiddles. edit: for the curious, a more complete gallery is now available

Over the weekend Sarah and I trekked down to Glen Lyn, Virginia for the first step of my master’s project: The Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention. It’s a apparently quite

Its official: one of the courses I’ve enrolled in this fall (Color) is being taught by the mother of one of my violin students, who also lives just down the

Orchestra: today 4-6, tomorrow 10-4, Sunday 2:30-4 As much as I love Bloch’s Sacred Service and enjoy playing with choir… this paper is not going to write itself. In a

Within the next week or so I should be hearing back from both MICA and SCAD on different subjects. It all depends on money though, unforunately. On that vein, I’ve

Because using people’s images without their permission is my forte. Orchestra Tour: St. Purim Party:

Until that time, here’s my electronic music project, cleverly labeled “Project 1“. Exciting update: Take the time to read this paragraph. Its the funniest thing I’ve EVER run across in

I should really be doing further Wagner research right now, but here are some exciting photos from my Honors Band escapades. I stood behind them: