odds and ends

Within the next week or so I should be hearing back from both MICA and SCAD on different subjects. It all depends on money though, unforunately. On that vein, I’ve applied for ten full-time photography jobs and heard back from none. Starting next weekend I’ll apply to jobs decidedly not in my field, because I’ve got to do something that gets me health insurance.

Other than that, I’m just trying to finish up two papers (before Easter Break next Thursday) in between all of these orchestra rehearsals. I’ve got a gig-thing with the Bloomsburg Community Orchestra just helping them out for the spring oncert, but its pretty much taking my entire tomorrow and Sunday. I’ll be home next weekend and decidedly working, but no one’s perfect.

For now its off to the gym, class, and pleny of work to keep Friday feeling like a Monday.

Oh right and then there was that part where Sarah came up last weekend. We went into Philadelphia to hit the Liberty bell, Independence Hall, and Franklin Institute. There were cheesesteaks at an almost-sketchy diner and a dinner of cereal. Overall: awesome.

3 thoughts on “odds and ends

  1. Hey there! Good to hear your doing well!

    I want to see some photos with your new lens! I want a Nikon… Gah….

    Oh, and I updated.


  2. so… yeah… kind of hanging here… did you hear from any jobs? where did you apply anyway? the MICA? SCAD? do you have health insurance? c’mon…



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