Together We Are Love

After spending the week with RTC in Joshua Tree in March, they’ve kept me pretty busy. I’ve done quite a bit of editing for their Love Cancer Movement, none of which has been released to the public yet. What I can share, was by far the most fun morning of the trip.


We were three videographers and one photographer, split up among groups each day, scarfing down our food together in order to keep shooting the magic happening around camp. On the final full day of the trip, while eating breakfast so fast my mother would be ashamed, another videographer and I were grabbed to shoot a quick walk and talk about Love Cancer. When I thought I might be able to run and brush my teeth before going out for the day, all three of us were asked to just shoot a quick music video.

That’s not something you often hear — just shoot a quick music video. Even in this run-and-gun camping situation I would have liked an hour to plan, but we had mere minutes, and somehow magic still happened. This talented young singer-songwriter is Matt Haslett and the song, Together We Are Love, was written specifically for RTC. We did this in one take with three shooters and someone else running around camp asking everyone to join in.

Magic, I tell you. I edited this in just a few hours. There’s wasn’t a whole lot of footage, but everything felt right on the first pass. This is also the first edit in my life where the Bossman looked at the first draft and said yes, let’s run with this. Magic.


Edit June 30, 2014 — Round Table Companies published my little write-up of the experience on their community site. Hooray!