I’m really no good at these titles

Orchestra: today 4-6, tomorrow 10-4, Sunday 2:30-4

As much as I love Bloch’s Sacred Service and enjoy playing with choir… this paper is not going to write itself. In a way it saddens me to think I’m writing my final final-paper for who knows how long. Not that I really enjoy writing, but its a rite of passage I’ve grown used to.

I’ll be home next weekend to photograph a wedding on the 21st and see all the of beautiful people I missed over Easter Break. Perhaps sometime then I’ll work on this paper. And can I say that I do not appreciate upper-level final papers with specific prompts? I’ve been following your syllabus all semester, can you please let me explore what I want now?

Although I suppose a paper on how Jekyll&Hyde foreshadowed super heros isn’t too in line with the class, but it would make for an interesting argument.

3 thoughts on “I’m really no good at these titles

  1. Um, foreshadowed? Are we missing Greek mythology? Beowulf? Krishna? C’mon now… Jekyll & Hyde?? Really…

    Anyway, how did you get the wedding gig? Hope you didn’t sell yourself short. People make serious cash at those things. Have fun with it.

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