I tried a dozen ways to start this but nothing does it justice. Two important facts about me: I hate things, but once I’m attached to something it’s impossibly hard for me to let go. Separately, I love letters/cards/written correspondence. I take great pride in the greeting cards I send, […]

Carrie & Sean

My coworkers asked me to do a quick video of their wedding, and who was I to say no? Seeing Carrie fold paper cranes during every meeting since my first day at the office, I knew she had fantastic attention to detail and that the ceremony would be awesome. We […]

Web (Re)Design

Between VisCom and the corporate world, the one transition I can’t make is that of timing. During Soul of Athens production, when someone asked for something “soon,” they meant “pretty much immediately.” When an office coworker asks for something “soon,” it’s really more like “before the end of the week.” […]

Sarah’s Bridal Shower

I couldn’t tell you the day I met Sarah or the moment we became friends, best friends, even roommates. However, I vividly remember the call saying “I’m engaged!” Fifteen months later, we gathered at one of Sarah’s favorite places, Reynold’s Tavern in Annapolis–a place she and I enjoyed high tea […]

Artscape 2011

This is definitely one of my favorite weekends each year, wherein hippies & yuppies alike fill the streets of Baltimore for free entertainment and expensive crafts. I finally got the hoodie I’ve been dying for and the boy & I wound up with matching Haymakers.


Bearizona is actually a drive-through wildlife park we passed en route to Grand Canyon, but you can’t deny me the play on words. All I really want to get across regarding the canyon is the sheer scale of it: 10,000 or so square miles. Forget about light and vantage point. […]

Waking up in Vegas

Or more accurately, in a Las Vegas suburb. They woke me precisely at 7:30 this morning, followed swiftly by two cats and a dog. Then they kicked me off of the couch to watch PBS Kids, and who am I to argue with them in their own home?  

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