Super Art Fight!

Matthew and I have been fans of Baltimore-based Super Art Fight for quite some time. While I attended Ohio University I often timed my trips home to Super Art Fight shows at the Ottobar. It’s a fabulous mix of art, nerd references, ridiculous costumes and yelling. Basically it’s everything I love all in one.

In December 2012, when Super Art Fight put out a call for Video Production teams, I sent them a tiny e-mail about my love for web video and their show and general happiness. In December 2013, they replied asking if I was still game. I was. One very warm Saturday in March several Super Art Fight-ers, myself, and our significant others crammed into an office in DC and did what we do best. They art-fought and I filmed. It was glorious.

The end result of that day is four episodes of a web show that have yet to be published, and several promos for a then-upcoming show in May. My original plan was to wait until the web show had aired to share these with you, but I’m so in love with the motion graphics they added to the promos that I really can’t contain myself any longer.

Baron Von Sexyful Sets His Sights on The Black Cat!:

The Commando and The Dudeler To Bring The Ruckus:

Mekonga Has A Lot To Say

El Russo Rojo, Looking For Love AND Victory

…and my absolute-absolute favorite,

Red Erin is OUT FOR BLOOD (we think):

I believe we are filming again this summer, so rest assured those web episodes are coming, and they will be epic.

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  1. Oh, wow! I had no idea you were blogging again! Huzzah! I’ve missed you throughout these years! Seems like you’re doing great! I think it’s wonderful that you got to work on something you love! 😀 I hope the next round of filming goes well for you ^^

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