Products of a Product Launch

Only six months into my corporate career I have experienced two major product launches. The first, equipment and the second, software. Now, we probably all have an idea of how to introduce a new piece of equipment to it’s potential users and in this case my role was simply the photographer. The magic of editing such sleek photos doesn’t even fall to me (this is a good thing).


Our software product launch required more of my involvement, because honestly, how do you introduce a software? Have you ever heard about a new piece of software directly from the company? Okay, possibly but I definitely haven’t; it’s always literal word of mouth or social media. And our product isn’t 100% self-explanatory. We created two multimedia pieces, for which I filmed, gathered audio, edited, and had some input towards pre- & post-production.

Here’s the formal product launch video–very clean and corporate–but to an outsider, does it tell the right story?

Watching that, are you more or less confused? I’ve seen the footage so many times that the message becomes increasingly confusing as I watch it now. Almost at the last minute, we created our very first whiteboard video. As a friend described it, “It’s cute, but…” But do you understand the software now?

Is it abstraction or realism that you connect with? Which narration style/narrator do you prefer?