oh hai

Things that you may have missed:

I’m working full-time in sales, will attend Ohio University for an MA in Photojournalism in the fall, went to a bunch of shows, had a birthday, got an A in Elementary Japanese, booked some flights to/around Japan, did some stuff, etc etc. If you’re really not certain about that seemingly useless MA, check out Soul of Athens.

Theo and I have been swing dancing (East AND West coast), nerding out to roller derby, and generally visiting as many places on a budget as possible. This weekend? Party on a 50th-floor rooftop in Manhattan…and all I’m worried about is what to wear.

Took these photos for Theo’s apartment. His suggestion was “blue & orange” while my addition is parts of tourist Baltimore that are beautifully falling apart. They’re currently in a corner, so I’ll share them with you, great internet: