Producing a Styled Shoot, The Victorian Petal & Friends

Through the course of my work with Sarah & her floral design business The Victorian Petal, it became abundantly clear that the biggest struggle for new businesses like her’s is having adequate samples of work to showcase on social media and the business website. For Sarah, this really means needing more photos, and especially needing to stop relying on her client’s wedding photographers to provide files.

Working with what we had, I built a “Floral Design Services” page for her website and conducted two focus groups about it for my Final Project: The Victorian Petal Market Research Case Study this past Spring Semester.

Luckily for Sarah & I, our friend Priscilla was frustrated enough with the imagery used on The Victorian Petal’s website that she offered to photograph a styled shoot. Sarah agreed immediately and I jumped into Producer mode to make it happen!

I love pre-production and acting as producer on shoots, especially when I possess enough knowledge about the client and their target audience to make meaningful plans. I coordinated between Sarah & Priscilla, steered Sarah’s designs into the right direction for her potential clients, made a shot list and a timeline, kept us to the shot list and timeline, and, the Producer’s most important duty… ordered lunch.

Florals & Design: Sarah Sherlock
Photography: Priscilla Thomas
Model: Maggie
Baked goods: Bonjour
Location: Glen Burnie, MD

First up, Sarah needed a new headshot! An environmental portrait worked best to put her in context and distract her from the fact someone was taking her photo.
Sarah and I argued over whether or not everyone understands what a Garland is. Better to have a photograph of one on a luscious table scape than try to explain it to a potential client verbally.
One of the greatest joys in producing is sneaking something meaningful into the shot. Here I pulled out the wine (/favor) from Sarah’s wedding!
Not only do Priscilla, Sarah, & I get along as people, we all agree on one very important thing: You can never have enough details of flowers.
This image really doesn’t sell anything for Sarah, but Priscilla was good enough to include it in her edit because those are my rings. And the macaroons from Bonjour were perfection to eat afterwards.
Loose greenery is Sarah’s biggest seller, yet she didn’t have any photos of it. Checking that off the list now!
Sarah wants to sell more arbors to her clients, so we need to show one off! Placing Maggie underneath helps add scale and allows viewers to picture themselves in the setting, too.
Blushes and pinks are quite popular right now, so we put Maggie in front of a blush velvet StylingMat with the pinkest bouquet Sarah built. It doesn’t suit every bride, but this image will speak strongly to some!
This image is solely for use on social media! Imagine text in the middle of the tray, like “Now booking for 2020,” or “20% off corsages.” It’ll be eye catching and beautiful.
The last image I’ll show off is this flat lay, with one of Sarah’s client’s invitation suites, on a Dove velvet StylingMat. Priscilla spent forever making this shot perfect (we even borrowed Sarah’s mom’s engagement ring) and that attention to detail was absolutely worth while!