Upwork Editing: Maryland State Bar Association Interviews

One of my absolute favorite jobs lately has been working with the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) as a video editor for the latest edition of their Bar Journal. It’s such a joy to take a video from raw interview footage and a few notes to a crafted, succinct story about the interviewee. Some of these videos were rather tough to finish due to the small amount of B-Roll the MSBA’s videographer was able to obtain onsite.

The most important thing for me that I was trusted with a large amount of creative freedom with the footage, and I enjoyed putting these puzzles together in the best possible way.

James Goodrich may have been my favorite interview to edit because he mentions the Union Collective building, which I had just visited for the first time right before jumping into this edit.

This Alternative Spring Break video was challenging in that there was more footage for this video than all the others put together! My guidance from the client just said: “I’d like this video to just introduce our Bar Student Advocates to our members. It should also highlight the alternative spring break they helped put together.” Phew, talk about a vague puzzle to edit to. But I think it turned out well!