Colonial York 360 Project

There’s something about working in an all-female team that makes me feel incredibly powerful! For this project, Julie asked me to join a few other ladies from work to help her with the capstone project for her masters in Instructional Design.

Julie arranged everything and we used a Volunteer Day from work to travel to York one Monday in June. Although everything had been worked out in advance, road construction right outside the historical site meant that we had to change the production plan. Instead of me filming re-enactors describing their actions, we filmed them without any audio. I also had to avoid getting any street-facing windows in my shots because the construction equipment was so visible outside!

Happily, one of the York reenactors was a retired radio host, and powered through all of our narrations while the construction crew was on their lunch break. I resorted to one of my old tricks from grad school, and sat in Julie’s car to record. It got a quite hot in there and we had to air out between takes, but overall cars make great sound booths in a pinch!

The result is an immersive 360-degree web tour of historical York, Pennsylvania. After turning in my audio and video assets, the rest really seems like magic.