I thought I was trying something new, looking for freelance work online. A couple of tries with Craigslist were enough to send me searching for a more reliable way to find trustworthy clients and secure payment. After a little bit of Google I found Elance, which wouldn’t let me sign up for an account because… apparently I already had one. Me from late 2009 must have given it a half-hearted try (according to my account settings but not my memories). Me in early 2013 threw myself into looking for side jobs with my photography/videography/editing skillset, and landed a couple of jobs really quickly.

It’s interesting doing all of this work remotely. Earth Divas accepted my bid to do product photography and mailed me a box of their product. I did the work, mailed the product back, and sent my edited files via Dropbox. The internet is a miraculous thing.

ghetto photoshoot
makeshift photo shoot

Video editing is more my passion, and I managed to find a few small projects doing that as well. When people ask why I got into my profession, my truly honest answer (that I’m not sure everyone believes) is that its like not choosing a profession — I get to meet new people, learn new topics, visit new places that I would not have license to do without my profession.

So, at least for now, I’m enjoying myself.