Quilt Barn Doc – #1

For our long documentary project (15-18 shooting events) my question is: Who are the owners of the Athens County quilt barns and what, if anything, holds them together? With several phone calls and one on-site visit (out of  a possible 20) down, I think the answer is that these random […]

Golf in the Library

Two weeks ago I photographed a mini golf event in the university library for my audio slideshow project. While that’s probably 80% done and due on Tuesday, I’ve wanted to show you a few frames before the final product. My quandary is that my favorite moments occurred outside of any […]

Nothing to See Here

First assignment in Audio/Video: audio story. We needed an audio piece at least one minute in length including ambient and narrative that could not include music unless pertinent to the story. For me, this was a cry to do a story on music, just to get it in there. I […]

Prototype: Conclusion

Overall my experiment was successful and the hypothesis was shown as correct. In general, those who purchased more expensive menu items left food on their plates while customers ordering less expensive menu items ate all of their food. However, it is important to note that the more expensive menu items […]


Our first assignment in Terry’s Documentary class this quarter is a scientific prototype approach, as in, just not photojournalism. The question I have chosen to ask is: Does the price of a plate of food affect the amount eaten by a single person in a single sitting? I photographed 20 […]


Diorama from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. This is also what grad school feels like. Its just that I’m not always sure which dinosaur I am.