Quilt Barn Doc – #1

For our long documentary project (15-18 shooting events) my question is: Who are the owners of the Athens County quilt barns and what, if anything, holds them together?

With several phone calls and one on-site visit (out of  a possible 20) down, I think the answer is that these random barn owners have nothing in common and added quilt squares only to boost agro-tourism (a term I hadn’t previously heard).

For quilt barn #14, The Ridges Spinning Top, I wandered for a good 30-40 minutes before finding another human being and mostly relied on this dog to show me around. He got me to the barn where they so appropriately keep a portable toilet and grow mushrooms.

Obviously I found people; the good owners, employees, and interns of Green Edge Gardens for stills and an audio interview but unfortunately I really don’t think anything turned out better than this.


On second look, two photos of the newest interns have really caught my fancy. Glorious gray skies.