Questionable Art: Round Deux

Photoshop 1: Advanced Image Composite

MT Joke

Photography 1: Contrast Control (high)


Color: Cercle et Carre

Modified Triadic Color Scheme

I earned a “Great Job! A!” on my Dorothea Lange essay, a “Great!” for my photographic essay proposal on ‘the writer,’ and have yet to finish the essay wherein I discuss my interview with a journalist. Sarah, Dan and I move into the house in a week and a half.

In other news, I love Quiznos‘ Flat-bread Salads. And I am going to see Beowulf on Thursday.

1 thought on “Questionable Art: Round Deux

  1. I like them all.

    Photoshop 1… The copy is interesting… How did you mask the hair? I have a bitch of a time with hair…

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