Almost Forgot to Add a Title

After a second interview with Picture People, I finally have a job there, starting on the 24th. The plan as far as I understand it, has me working there as a photographer and training as a manager this semester while I wrap up things at Medieval Times, and working as a manager close to full time next semester after I quit the castle. We’ll see how things actually turn out, as we haven’t discussed pay/hours or what I would be managing, not to mention me not actually wanting to quit the castle. I just don’t want it to be my main job anymore, because Medieval Times is really more like a side-job for everyone who’s not management.

School is going rather well, I would say. I have at least 100% in all of my classes, but it’s still weird going to community college after a university. I feel like I’m the most intelligent person in all (four) of my classes, which is more acceptable in the field and less so in the classroom.

Really I just wish I didn’t have to leave 45 minutes before class started just to get there, and then only be allowed ONE absence in each of my classes to save for the days I don’t feel like getting there. Though somehow there’s usually around half the correct number of people in each of my classes each day, so either that policy isn’t true, or there are a lot of people who just don’t mind failing.

Either way, I’ve learned that art homework is simultaneously easier and harder than regular homework, though doubtlessly more rewarding even without a grade on it. And so I’m off to make a masterpiece out of paint swatches, and other such things.