are we there yet?

I’m still a little shocked that SU actually let me graduate, a year early, and with two BAs. Be honest, some of you were also thinking that it wouldn’t quite work out. And actually, I wasn’t sure that I was getting both degrees until I opened my diploma. There are some pretty useless photos from yesterday up here, if anyone’s interested.

The AACPL should call me back tomorrow regarding my interview last week, and we can hope that goes as well as graduation did. Also, Matt should hear back from them about his appliation next week, and things could work out rather well. Tomorrow I also start back at Medieval Times, wearing a corset and covering my nose peircing in order to romp around underpaid-land.

Those new layouts I promised to put up around the spiffyness are still coming! That is, they’re coming once I either figure out how to edit and upload on my MacBook, or give up and use my old laptop for a while. One of the two will happen by the end of the month. Hopefully I’ll be fully unpacked by then!

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  1. Congrats on your double major! I have to say doing that in 3 years sounded really impossible to achieve, but you did it! woot woot!

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