As of today, things are starting to look up for me. Classes are done; I just have a paper due Thursday morning and a final Thursday afternoon.

Then its home for a week. Mom and I are going out Friday to get birthday presents for all the nieces I’ve never met but am socially obligated to buy gifts for anyway. Saturday Matt and another one of our friends are going to look at some promising apartments. Then I actually have time to unpack my things and start being an adult before my job interview Wednesday morning.

I had been hinging my immediate future on the Anne Arundel County Public Library calling me back in regards to the part-time circulation job I applied for, but instead they think I’m best suited for a full-time information/research/program-planning job and who am I to argue. They have three positions open so hopefully that means I can score this job.

Then next Thursday is back to school to pick up my cap&gown and three friends. Said three friends are coming back home with me on Friday to spend my 21st birthday at Medieval Times, only to grab Matt and be back at school for graduation rehearsal Saturday morning. Sunday ‘everyone’ comes up to see me graduate and THEN, perhaps unforunately, I become a real person.

So if I’m not around… at least you know where I am.

2 thoughts on “optimism

  1. I’m graduating the day before you are.

    Which is messed up, because you’re a year younger than I am.

    Quit being such an overachiever.

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