The AACPL job turned out to be a no-go. After I waited around, practically sick, all day waiting for the lady to call me like she said she would, a letter came in the mail saying: “The position has already been filled.” Thanks a lot guys. So I’ve applied to another 17 jobs since then, in hopes that two of them will contact me. Because I tell you one thing my friend, working at the MT is not going to pay my bills over the summer, and I don’t even have that many bills.

I’ve made business cards for violin lessons that my mom is eager to pass out to her Girl Scout-y friends. Later this morning I’ll put fliers up on the apartment-style mailboxes in our housing development. Then if I don’t get any calls in a week or so, I’ll put fliers up in other places.

Getting a job is infinitely more difficult than I was ever led to believe. People ask me: “Well what about your friends from college that already have jobs?” Yeah, they know people in their desired field, or at least their parents or siblings do. I’m just traveling alone… me, my resume, and my cover letter.

Exciting Update, 12:16PM: While I was out taping flyers to mailboxes, two companies I sent resumes to yesterday called to schedule interviews. One is a temp job very close to home and one is a full-time position about an hour north. Hmmm.

Another Exciting Update, 8:54AM May 26: I signed at the temp agency for a temp-permanent job starting in July, but hope that the next time I call them its to say “Never mind.” The interview with the marketing company was first in a series of three and they called me back for round two. But really, I would much rather go back to school than get a full-time job; I’m only 21.

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  1. Believe it or not, I have read all the entries I missed. There were quite a few! ^^;

    I wish you the best of luck finding a job you enjoy that isn’t so restricting. It’s difficult, really.

    Aww, you’ve graduated and everything! I KNOW you’re happy. :] Is it scary being an adult? Wow, that sounds dumb… but it’s an honest question.

  2. Congrats on the potential jobs!

    I see you have Otakon on your list of events. Are you planning to go? >.>

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