Producing for the first time, Intro to Pearson Online & Blended Learning K-12

Although I’ve technically been working for Pearson for several years, we only switched to using their branding at the beginning of 2018. That branding switch meant changing our recruiting videos from the old brand to something uniquely Pearson.

This project is the first time an internal client came to our department saying they were tasked with creating a video but had no idea what to do, and had absolutely no budget. For us, not having a budget isn’t a deal breaker, that just means relying entirely on internal talent. I helped coached the client through script writing, and legal approvals. Then, I worked with management to have audio talent, and a graphic designer and animator assigned to the project. From there, I oversaw storyboarding, graphics production, narration and music, and the animation build. The client obviously had final approval, though everything went through me first.

Overall I’m not entirely satisfied with the project because it doesn’t match what the animator and I had in our heads when production began. However, the video met client requirements within the timeline provided. I’m excited to produce more videos in the future!