Re-editing a re-edit, What is a Virtual School?

We all have that one client who wants changes to existing videos, right? Hopefully it’s not just me. This “What is a Virtual School” video has been around the block a few times, and I do understand why we keep making changes instead of creating a fresh video. It seems like only 1% of the content changes each time, or we simply need to cut for time.

The test is in the project files, and making sure you keep everything together and forward compatible with future changes in mind. Every time I need to rebuild a graphic because it was linked to a file on someone else’s desktop, a part of me dies. This video predates my employment at the company, and although it’s gone through changes since I started, I tried to put a solid mark on the video this time… or at least you’d be able to tell that once you opened it up in Premiere.