Third School Video + Independent Contractors

Although I work primarily creating K-12 educational videos, our department’s publicly viewable work exclusively comes from Marketing. As I outlined last winter, we occasionally get to travel for school marketing videos, but just as frequently we hire an outside production company to film for us.

You can imagine that this saves time and money while returning a lower quality product. Typically we receive back much less footage than we would shoot ourselves, and there’s always something ridiculous in production that we never would have let slide.

In this video, the main issue was with the interviews (isn’t it always?). We made the decision not to use the B-Cam angle due to the parking lot in the background, and the constant flow of cars back and forth was not only distracting but terrible for continuity. Furthermore, almost every single interviewee was chewing gum, which made editing audio between lip smacking and chewing frustrating at best, and we deemed some footage unusable when a piece of bright green gum was in the front of someone’s mouth, for example.

Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, if you’re being recorded for any reason… spit out your gum.