How do we measure particles?

Once we had the first 28 seconds of the fun ReactIR animation put together I started showing it to colleagues, to see who else would get hooked and want to publish an animation as well.

This project built off the previous, but since the point is to explain exactly how our product measures particles, the fun animation style pretty much had to go. This time around we needed to look precise and scientifically credible while also modern and approachable. Needless to say the ParticleTrack animation took several months longer than it’s predecessor.

I’ll go ahead and say totally worth it. Blows your mind, a little, right? Hopefully we’ve also provided you with some understanding of the literal method of measurement.

And again, my part in this was recording the narration and animation the illustrations, as well as working with the rest of the team on the concept, script and storyboard.