Double Product Launches, year two

Just about this time last year, I posted two product videos that were recently released. This year, we did the same.

Learning from our 2014 mistakes, our 2015 selves (same team, one year wiser) put a month in between the filming of the two product videos. Some items (like booking talent, whoops my fault) were left until the absolute last moment but overall I think we we produced videos of equal quality with less stress than last year. Most importantly, we didn’t leave the lab fridge unplugged overnight again this year. Victory!

My second biggest takeaway from this year is that we finally hired a professional voice-over artist instead of coaching in-house colleagues to narrate as needed. I went to Upwork (formerly Elance), posted our requirements and the next day was able to hold a meeting where we chose our narrator. The day after that our audio was done. Thank you again, internet.

Ok, so, my part in these projects was all production and post-production. I actually stayed clear of the concept/storyboard/script team, so deep was I in the ParticleTrack narration and a couple of other projects.