Patrol, Madison

After a week of Minnesota’s superheroes I became comfortable with the idea and situation. Patrol in Madison blew my mind in a way that was probably boring and underwhelming for the RLSH involved. Here they were able to help homeless on the streets and in the Occupy camp and talk candidly with passers-by about the RLSH movement.

I walked with them for almost five hours, until well after I knew my feet were bleeding, and still they patrolled into the night afterwards. Forget what they do and where they go…what does it feel like to be with them, the presence and energy and camaraderie. Maybe, just maybe, this explains the experience a little.

Pictured left to right: Night Vision, Blackbird, Watchman, Electron, and Geist. Curiously absent from this frame is Charade.

And to prove I brought a long lens, a pause as they stop for supplies to bring the Occupy camp:


2 thoughts on “Patrol, Madison

  1. These are again, excellent photos, Heather.

    And we loved having you along with us.

    We patrolled two or maybe three hours after you left us. And you missed the pizza that our cities’s Host, Electron, graciously ordered to be delivered to us on a street corner. The night grew colder and the crowds grew drunker. We investigated dark alleys and also tried to keep a grip on the reveling party kids.

    A lot of curious questions and a mix of curious questions, but no major incidents that you missed.

    Although… there was one guy who recognized exactly who we were and what we were doing and was very curious about doing the same. Level-headed, not too drunk.

    We’ll see if I can’t talk him out of it.

  2. It was nice to have someone along who was interested in the movement. A lot of people think it’s weird to dress up and go out. In truth, I’ve never fit in so well, especially with this group.

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