Patrol, Minneapolis

The moment before I got in a car with these men I very quickly rethought all of my life choices. There were so many steps along the way wherein someone could have, should have, said “No, Heather, this is a terrible idea.” Real Life Superheroes was/is a story I wanted to push as far as it could possibly be pushed, knowing I’d be stopped before, as Stingray described it, “one of the most underground experiences there is.”

And that frame of mind failed me. Drinking coffee at midnight with three RLSH felt incredibly surreal yet very real as well. Needless to say I had a bit of trouble keeping up psychologically/emotionally, let alone photographically.

I know that between snow, darkness, and my own inhibitions I failed to achieve emotion, intimacy, and moment with these photographs. But I can sure as hell place us in Minneapolis.

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