Final Doc: Quilt Barns

Maybe the quilt barns are past their prime. From what I understand many are fading and/or peeling, and the barn owners don’t know and don’t even care what to do when the squares start looking terrible. Whatever love there was for this project originally has vanished.

Even people like me don’t stop and look around (often enough) themselves for the beauty so carefully crafted and placed on the barns. I start to feel like the whole thing is a farce, something I wasn’t meant to chase, or that I was only meant to chase it to get lost. My photography has gotten better in that I took the time to do something more commercial, more out of my comfort zone. This doc did something to me, but not what I wanted, expected, or asked for.

Or if you really want to read my word-vomit field journal, go ahead and download the .pdf here. Copyright 2011 Heather Haynes, kthnx.