Bearizona is actually a drive-through wildlife park we passed en route to Grand Canyon, but you can’t deny me the play on words. All I really want to get across regarding the canyon is the sheer scale of it: 10,000 or so square miles. Forget about light and vantage point. […]

Waking up in Vegas

Or more accurately, in a Las Vegas suburb. They woke me precisely at 7:30 this morning, followed swiftly by two cats and a dog. Then they kicked me off of the couch to watch PBS Kids, and who am I to argue with them in their own home?  

Henry Reed ’11

Over the weekend Sarah and I trekked down to Glen Lyn, Virginia for the first step of my master’s project: The Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention. It’s a apparently quite a small, young convention and definitely a great place to start. We attended master classes with Alan Jabbour, made friends […]

Final Doc: Quilt Barns

Maybe the quilt barns are past their prime. From what I understand many are fading and/or peeling, and the barn owners don’t know and don’t even care what to do when the squares start looking terrible. Whatever love there was for this project originally has vanished. Even people like me […]

Final Video: Tangent

My absolute best shooting this quarter has been done at Integration Acres. I’m doing my final video project there but when I bring out the D700 somehow the stress is gone and light just falls into my lens without my having to ask. I’ll have the video done this weekend […]