Quilt Barn Doc – #3

This barn en route to Nelsonville sits on a horse farm. It’s owners were notified that their barn had been chosen for a quilt square, so any culture or dedication to quilt barns is particularly absent here. It seems that the addition of the quilt square has given these owners more headache than help, and they intend to take it down as soon as the paint begins to chip noticeably.

What I fell in love with, of course, were the 14 horses, two dogs, and infinite cats with free reign over the property. The owners joked that for every 10 photos I took, I had to take a cat.

After letting his wife show me around for an hour, the owner slyly noted that if I ever wanted to do a story on classic cars, to come on back and talk to him then. Upon my asking when he’d work on a car again he smiled, shifted a bit, and chuckled as if to say “just about as soon as you leave.”